How To Satisfy My Husband On Bed


Julie Sibert April 11, at

  • A safe place for married couples to buy sexual aids…. If my wife is bisexual, how could I as a husband satisfy her other needs?
  • Emma April 3, at 5: Its 31 days of exercises to help you flirt more, be more affectionate, talk about libido differences and other thingsbut also spice things up and try new things!
  • In fact, they may even be sacrificing their intimacy on the altar of inhibition. What should I do if my husband doesn't satisfy me anymore?
  • No discussion of her committing to make it better or the 20 year nightmare it has put me through.

Does anyone have any advice regarding this? Wives, want to improve your sex drive? I am not married but will love to be one day, for all married couples you have to make sure you please one another that is the most important thing that is what keeps the relationship going, you have to know what your mate like and dislikes take time to learn that, keep it spicy always ask and make sure ur mate is pleased and just love, love love each other and god of course. Million dollar question is,is he ready to participate with you in your efforts? You are commenting using your WordPress.


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Any time she went to a women’s retreat, or women’s ministry, I prayed with all my being that part of the conversation would be about a woman’s obligation to be having sex with her husband or how a woman who is sexual with her husband can make him stronger, more confident and frankly more of what a man should be and was created to be. Besides being hot and fun for you to look at, the v-zone is a hot bed of pleasure for your partner, as As clinical sexologist and psychotherapist Kristie Overstreet explains. Not only is it a turn on that he gets front-row tickets to watching you stimulate him, but it’s an easy pit stop to make on the way to bone-town. You don't need to go bed to satisfy your husband. My sincere advice is to talk to him. You can indulge him in dirty talks when you are alone with him. Dirty talks can refresh his mind. You need to wear clothes which he likes you to wear. Clothes which can give more exposure to your body will be better. Keep yourself hygienic and shave your body parts.

  • Love Making Tips for Wives: Surprise Your Husband in Bed
  • In the missionary position, if you put your legs up on his shoulders, this gives him the ability to thrust a lot more. We started with counselling at church and ended up at a therepist that our counsellor couple recommended to us that was a professional psychologist with a specialty in sex addiction.
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  • Take charge and make things exciting in the bedroom for both of you again! He wanted me to go to his therepy with him I think he wanted me to understand why things had been the way they were and so it really did help my understanding to listen to everything the therepist said.

In case of relationships especially in marriage it proves to be very difficult, but it is the effort that matters the most. With Gods help I have gotten my sexual urges under control and I am totally committed to my husband and have never cheated. What are your own insecurities and fears that are causing you to be so toxic? Call him to tell him you love him. It will likely be full of ups and downs and forward progress and then backwards.

Neither one of us were Christians when we got married. Subscribe via email on this page. Be open to his sexual preferences 5. Also he enjoys me calling his name during……we also thank God for giving his people the gift of love during marriage.

Not sure what your exact problem is but I found it much easier to be on top while sitting backwards looking towards his feet also known as the reverse cowgirl. Does that make sense? As far as wearing attractive clothing, etc. Not avoid sex and pretend to have a headache. Bethany Persons on December 25, at 3: I would try to pick up something special for her when I was shopping, tried to split the laundry and do some vacuuming. Leave them in the comments—but tastefully, please.


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