Naked At The Public Pool


Their heads spun on their necks as if they would break off at any moment. Appearing naked at the recreation center was going to be trickier than it sounded.

  • Steeling herself, to she bounced a couple of times in place and leapt into a perfect, head-first dive at the water, some twelve feet below. Recent Comments by Anonymous.
  • Several feet away in the pool, a middle-aged woman glanced up at her
  • I felt my cock twitch in my shorts. Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another.


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DESCRIPTION: People did double takes. Glancing our way, they saw my naked wife masturbating through the driver's side window and nearly tripped over themselves. She raised her ass off of the seat and held herself above it with her outstretched legs as she beat at her throbbing clit.

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Sisbrawny: Damn those are some ugly women.

Alyna Drake: who is the beauty with long nails please?

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Crouching in the shallow end a few feet from another couple, my wife's huge, bare breasts floated in front of her, exposing just the tops of her aureole above the surface of it. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. My wife grinned at my predicament. I felt my cock twitch in my shorts. At last, she ducked under, swimming under the water the few remaining feet to the edge, where she resurfaced, shaking the water from her shoulder-length blond hair. In back, a single string ran between her cheeks, and circled around her hips. I Opened the door for her, and she slid into the passenger's seat, spread her legs wide and went to work on herself.

Nude Beach - Public Pool Playing

My cock pounded in my shorts and I could hardly breathe. Turning her face upwards, her look confirmed it. After all, the fantasy belonged to both of us. My erection pressed hard into the front of my shorts, forming a tent. She walked on, ignoring their remarks.

Just then, Christen came Suddenly, a woman popped up out of the water right in front of my wife, not two feet away.

By the time she reached me, she was trembling with excitement. Slowly, a crowd gathered in the shallow end around her, gawking and pointing at the completely naked woman in the pool. On rubbery legs, Christen finally reached the car. With one hand she covered her clitoris with her palm and thrust her hips upwards, fucking her sloppy pussy into it.

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Her large breasts spilled over the top of her arms and her hand barely hid her naked pussy. We brought two small towels. Literotica is a trademark. She walked on, ignoring their remarks. I tossed the towels and her suit into the back seat.


  • Henry Novas

    to all of you wannabe pornographers.the pre-interview ALWAYS sucks. the guys always asks stupid leading questions. here we have the rare exception velicity is obviously ready to rock, the dude is asking dumb-ass questions doing his best to kill the moment, yet, her seething sexuality shines through. she walked in ready. not to make money, not to look cute, not to get attention she walked in ready to fuck. velicity is the truth.

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